Discover the why and the how of brand attraction with Trasaterra

Trasaterra, a New York City-based design studio founded in 2010 by Ewa Orzech and Jason Paul Guzman, leverages a combined wealth of branding, design and digital expertise to craft transformative, refined, and forthright creative solutions for a diverse range of clients across media, art, finance, non-profit, and technology industries.

Around the world and back—to the studio

In 2008, designers Ewa and Jason set off on a globe-trotting adventure across Australasia, Asia, and Europe, igniting a passion for exploring diverse cultures and perspectives. Capturing their journey through Ewa’s stunning photography, they created ‘Trasaterra’—a website named from a blend of ‘Trasa’ (Road in Polish, reflecting Ewa’s heritage) and ‘Terra’ (meaning ‘World’ in Latin). This journey didn’t just chronicle their travels; it laid the groundwork for their unique design studio. Established upon their return in 2010, Trasaterra embodies the spirit of exploration and authenticity. With a philosophy that authenticity magnetically attracts, Trasaterra has become synonymous with creating branding that resonates deeply with audiences, much like their own story resonates with the spirit of adventure. It’s a testament to their belief: authenticity isn’t just appealing in people; it’s powerful in brands too.

Ewa Orzech



  • Creative Director
  • Lead Designer

Ewa’s journey is a fascinating blend of science and art. With a foundation in both fields, she discovered her true calling in design, a realm where these worlds converge seamlessly. Her initial foray into the industry was through photography, honing her skills as a retoucher before venturing into the broader landscape of design. At Christie’s auction house, Ewa’s talent shone as she crafted and directed sophisticated print collateral and advertising campaigns, blending artistic flair with commercial savvy. Her freelance career further diversified her experience, working with various clients on branding and design projects. Now, at Trasaterra, Ewa leverages her multifaceted background to specialize in branding, user experience, and design. She plays a pivotal role in molding the visual identities of clients, weaving her art and science background into compelling narratives. Her academic achievements, graduating summa cum laude from Salve Regina University in Art and Chemistry, and magna cum laude in Communication Design from SUNY/FIT, are testament to her dedication and diverse talents, which continue to shape her innovative approach at Trasaterra.

Jason Paul Guzman



  • Brand Strategist
  • Senior Art Director & Designer
  • Development Lead
  • Account & Project Manager

Jason’s journey into the creative world began with a pencil in hand, sketching characters and weaving stories through comics. This early passion for storytelling and art paved the way for his formal studies in fine art. At The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, he delved into graphic design, painting, and drawing, earning a BFA that served as a springboard for his diverse career. His commitment to the art community extended beyond his studies, exemplified by his service on the Cooper Union Alumni Council from 2013 to 2016. Since the turn of the millennium, Jason has been at the forefront of digital creativity, designing websites, brand identities, and campaigns. His impressive portfolio includes collaborations with prestigious clients like The New York Times and Diane Von Furstenberg, and contributions to JWT, showcasing his adaptability across various industries. At Trasaterra, Jason’s role is multifaceted—spanning branding, interaction design, user experience, art direction, and both front-end and CMS development. His artistic roots, combined with his expansive experience, make him a dynamic force in shaping compelling, user-centered designs that resonate with audiences.