CNBC Prime

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CNBC Prime is CNBC’s prime time brand which features reality shows about cars, gambling and start-up businesses. CNBC was looking to launch a stand-alone website with a distinct identity from CNBC News to showcase their entertainment-focused programing. Our objective for this project was to create a design which communicates an entertainment aesthetic on-par with the other contemporary leading network websites.

First we created a comprehensive wireframe document that accounted for the large scale of the website. Each show would have a distinct microsite identity within the Prime website complete with its own show specific blogs, videos and cast information. With the completion of the wireframe the website design process and some of the backend development commenced simultaneously to ensure a faster deliverable.

The design we created is bold, high contrast and minimal in keeping with the CNBC Prime branding which appeals to their audience. We found ways to infuse the unique and distinct Prime branding into the website design even though the site is completely dynamic – a particularly rewarding challenge. The content on the website changes daily and new shows are added regularly. Each show also has its own branding and we found ways to highlight each within the prime branded design.

We developed a robust custom Content Management System network that allows content managers to create and manage fully featured websites for each show. The hub for each show has a variety of content from videos to news to cast bios. We created a streamlined CMS tailored to the content managers responsible for the large amount of daily posting needed on CNBC Prime. The CMS development also included integrating CNBC show schedule APIs, ad networks and SEO specs within the backend.