Pathways Narrative

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Pathways Narrative Project is a pilot initiative aimed at harnessing narrative change to drive programmatic and systemic transformation. Trasaterra developed a comprehensive suite of tools that included a web-based research application for narrative data collection and analysis, as well as a public-facing website to disseminate the project’s insights. Our

NBCU Academy

NBCU Academy is a journalism and content creation training program that builds a pipeline from classrooms to the newsroom and media industry. They also help professional journalists develop new skills and offer free online training and digital content, as well as hands-on programs at select campuses and in NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC and Telemundo newsrooms.

NBCU Academy Course Posters

We created original art to serve as a visual identity for NBCU Academy’s courses. Each poster visually communicates a particular topic. The posters were utilized in creating the new website for NBCU Academy which we also designed.

Miras Search Partners

Miras Search Partners is a boutique Executive Search and Recruitment Firm with over 20 years of experience specializing in the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry. We created a new brand identity and website to communicate its sage expertise in pharma + biotech recruiting.

Soapbox Engage

SoapBox Engage is a donation product module built by PicNet. We created a fresh microsite design to showcase their product’s competitive edge against other more well-known donation products.

Mazzola Lindstrom

Mazzola Lindstrom LLP is a legal firm with offices in New York and Los Angeles that represents US and international clients in litigation, arbitration, mediation and complex transactions. We created a new brand identity to reflect ML’s balance of creativity and classic refinement. The website expanded on those themes and was designed to communicate the

Schoen Cooperman Research

Schoen Cooperman Research is a strategic consulting firm that helps its political, corporate, and advocacy clients execute change initiatives. The firm was formerly known as Schoen Consulting. We created a new brand identity to highlight SCR’s transition which showcases Carly Cooperman as partner with Doug Schoen (a well-known political analyst and founder of the company).

Sacral Space

Sacral Space Wellness provides online HypnoBirthing classes, resources and community to inspire and empower peaceful and transformational birth. We created an empowering identity, including the name and logo, to launch the holistic brand.

856 Washington

856 Washington is a boutique condominium in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York built in 2018. Trasaterra worked on naming and branding concepts in conjunction with the Douglas Elliman marketing team and another agency. We then rolled out the brand, designing and building an immersive scrolling website which conveys the contemporary elegance of


Zeit9 was a menswear style site tailored for fashion bloggers to create looks inspired by style blogs where they could also earn money through affiliate sales. We first created the Zeit9 brand identity to resonate with a male style interested audience. We designed a full featured web app for the project. The central feature was

New Narratives

New Narratives is a women-led non-profit organization that builds local news media through support for independent journalism and business model building in the Global South. We created the original visual identity and the most recent evolution of the brand, and subsequently translated the redesigned identity into the organization’s website to reflect the vision.

Certified Welcoming

Certified Welcoming is a certification for cities. We created the naming, logo, identity and brand book for the program. We designed a manual that lays out the guidelines and recommendations for welcoming newly-arrived immigrants into communities. It’s intended for municipal administrators around the country.

Shine On

Shine On was a moonshine beverage brand from a prospective Tennessee Corn Liquor Distillery in Cosby (moonshine capital of the world and start of the whiskey trail). We designed a full identity including logo, packaging label and apparel to conceptually connect with the authentic roots of the project.


Amerivents is a full-service hospitality organization that provides staffing, catering, and event management services for events. We created a logo concept built around a star/sun burst. The symbol is suggestive of energy, festivity, dynamism and light. The centered logotype adds symmetry and a complementary feeling of stability and reliability to the brand. is a product offered by Novologies to help hotels, restaurants and airlines turn customers into advocates for their services via social media channels. We created a logo that evokes the idea of multiple customers converging at a consumer destination. The logo is constructed out of two intersecting directional shapes which create a subtle and

Kruzhkov Russo

Kruzhkov Russo is a law firm specializing in domestic and foreign entities and high net worth individuals. We created a brand identity and website that distinguishes them as a boutique firm that is equally focused on maintaining and enhancing the image of their clients.

Olde Hope

Olde Hope is recognized as a leading source for exceptional examples of American folk and decorative arts and maintains one of the largest and finest inventories in the country. We created a new logo that combines classic elegance with contemporary style and communicates the confidence that comes with experience. We applied the identity in our

Secure Set

SecureSet is an educational resource for launching or accelerating cybersecurity careers. We created a wolf logo and mascot to communicate the idea of proactive security. We rolled out the brand identity by creating website designs to reflect SecureSet as the premier educator in the burgeoning security field.

AMP Grassroots2

AMP: grassroots2 is a new story-driven platform for fundraising and connection with grassroots activists and artists of color who are fighting for more equitable world. We created a logo to visually enhance the concept of voice amplification and contributed to the naming of the brand. We also created the website to express the brand and


We pride ourselves on creating distinct brand identities which express the core values of our clients. Below is a comprehensive selection of our logo work.