Soapbox Engage

SoapBox Engage is a donation product module built by PicNet. We created a fresh microsite design to showcase their product’s competitive edge against other more well-known donation products.


Zeit9 was a menswear style site tailored for fashion bloggers to create looks inspired by style blogs where they could also earn money through affiliate sales. We first created the Zeit9 brand identity to resonate with a male style interested audience. We designed a full featured web app for the project. The central feature was is a product offered by Novologies to help hotels, restaurants and airlines turn customers into advocates for their services via social media channels. We created a logo that evokes the idea of multiple customers converging at a consumer destination. The logo is constructed out of two intersecting directional shapes which create a subtle and

Secure Set

SecureSet is an educational resource for launching or accelerating cybersecurity careers. We created a wolf logo and mascot to communicate the idea of proactive security. We rolled out the brand identity by creating website designs to reflect SecureSet as the premier educator in the burgeoning security field.